Myanmar President U Thein Sein Biography

Myanmar President U Thein Sein Biography, About President U Thein Sein, Who is U Thein Sein: U Thein Sein is Myanmar former Prime Minister and President since March 2011 to present. President Thein Sein is one of the most adorable politicians in Myanmar in such moral, humility and his love of change. It is the reason some people give him a title “Reformist.”

Thein Sein arrives at Yangon International Airport

Family: U Thein was born in a small village, Kyonku village, Ngapudaw Township, Pathein District in the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar on 20 April 1945. He was the youngest son of U Maung Phyo  and Daw Khin Nyunt, born in a small wooden house on the road that runs through the center of Kyonku. All his childhood was being a poor kid. Mr. Kyaw Soe, a person from Kyonku village, said, ‘His parents were landless, and his father, U Maung Phyo, made a living carrying cargo at the river jetty and weaving bamboo mats.’ U Thein Sein married to Daw Khin Khin Win and they have three daughters.

U Thein Sein Service and Career:

  • 1968     Graduate of the Defense Services Academy – 9th intake
  • 1988     Light Infantry Division 55 (Military Rank: Major; Location: Kalaw, Shan State)
  • 1989     Graduate of the Command and General Staff College (Location: Kalaw, Shan State)
  • 1990     Commander of Infantry Battalion 89 (Location: Kale, Sagaing Division)
  • 1992 – 1995     General Staff Officer at the War Office (Military Rank: Colonel; Location: Rangoon)
  • 1995     Military Operations Command- 4 (Location: Hmawbi Township, Rangoon. Assigned to establish the newly-formed military command)
  • 1996 – 2001     Commander of the Triangle Regional Command (Military Rank: Brigadier General; Location: Kengtung Township, Shan State)
  • Nov 2001 –Aug 2003     Adjutant General of the War Office (Military Rank: Major General.
  • Aug 2003 – Oct 2004    SPDC Secretary-2
  • Oct 2004 – Oct 2007     SPDC Secretary-1
  • May 2004 – Sep 2007     Chairman of the National Convention Convening Commission (Oversaw the National Convention’s proceedings)
  • Oct 2007 – Feb 2011    SPDC Prime Minister
  • Oct 2008 – Feb 2011       Chairman of the National Disaster Preparedness Central Committee (Tasked to oversee relief efforts for cyclone Nargis)
  • Apr 2010 – Feb 2011    USDP Chairman (Resigned from the USDP after being elected as Burma’s President)
  • Nov 2010 – Feb 2011    Member of Parliament (Elected with 91% of the votes as the USDP candidate to the People’s Assembly in Naypyidaw’s Zabuthiri Township)
  • Feb 2011 – Present     Head of the National Defense and Security Council (NDSC)
  • Feb 2011 – Present    President of Myanmar (Elected with 408 out of 659 votes (62%) in the National Parliament) (Source:ALTSEAN)

Personality: U Thein Sein is a humble man and who hate corruption. “There were certainly people who were close to the military who thought that he was one of the better ones, that he was not personally corrupt,” said Larry Dinger, who headed the U.S. mission in Myanmar until last August.While he was serving in Shan Stage all people love him. “If you ask the people here which commander they liked the most, it would go to him,” Mr. Khuensai said. “Or, more accurately, he was the commander that people hated the least.”

Three Things That Open U Thein Sein Eyes:

1. Nargis Cyclone: When the Nargis Cyclone disaster happened to Myanmar in 2008, Thein Sein was the head of the country’s disaster preparedness committee and thus the leader of the military junta’s emergency response efforts. His native village, township and district was the most hit area. He saw how thing went terrible and horrible, it made him realize the limitations of the old regime.

2. International Affair: During his Prime Minister career, he represented Myanmar and visited several countries such as US (New York), Singapore and other countries. He saw something. This opened his eyes to the economic backwardness of the country, one of the poorest in Asia as well as the world.

3. Saffron Revolution: 2007 Saffron Revolution may turn his mind from the old regime. In Saffron revolution thousands of Monks were killed. According to close source U Thein Sein is devoted Buddhist. This occurred may be one of the most difficult thing for U Thien Sein to deal with. No more old school, start new fashion.

Some Result in His President Time:

When U Thein Sein became  national leader, Myanmar has tasted new governing style; both authorization and democracy. Later on it changed step by step. Latest election, 1 April 2012, is free and fair election, there will be no more by election than that. International community also satisfied about that. The first and biggest thing President U Thein Sein has done change step by step. He is not revolutionist but he is reformist (Not Revolution but Evolution). Let’s count some change that we can see

1. Released Political Prisoners

2. Lead the election free and fair

3. Communicate to International Society (Ease Sanction)

4. Convince NLD and International Community

5. Reconciliation With Rebels

6. Open wider door for media and press

Source@Myanmar Life

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  1. Hi President,
    we have great problem that very expensive to post letter from Myitkyina to Yangon or Mandalay.
    one envelop is 8000 kyats
    we are government staff .but no chance to reduce cost.
    please solve this problem

    1. To UThein Sein , president of Myanmar ,.
      to remove lazy office staffs, some of the office staff have no work to do but some have manys so it is not equal. so from bottom to top . you should anlyse .

  2. he is very good and clever man . but in order to rebulid the nation . he shhould organise the clever man in every sector of our nation.and then he should take advise from have modern and developed country he should remove desrtoyers eg pretended political man.

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